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Facial Redness from Spider Veins

Facial Redness, Spider Veins and Professional Advice

Are you struggling with facial redness that doesn’t have a clear cause like rosacea or psoriasis? Many people deal with facial redness and spider veins, especially as they age. These conditions are prevalent here in the Las Vegas, Nevada, area because they are associated with sun exposure. If you want to learn about the causes and solutions for your facial redness or spider veins, our team at Desert Vein is here to help.

What Causes Facial Redness?

Facial redness can have numerous causes. Cold, dry weather can dry out the skin and cause redness and chapped skin. Certain skin conditions, such as rosacea and psoriasis, can also manifest as facial redness. But many people struggle with a facial redness that doesn’t have an exact cause like these. This kind of facial redness is known as facial telangiectasias, which is the medical term for when capillaries near the surface of the skin on your face break down. The term spider veins is also found in conjunction with facial redness. That’s because some people deal with spidery red veins that remain visible nearly all the time. The cause of both facial redness and spider veins tends to be a combination of sun exposure and aging.

Why People Get Spider Veins in Their Face

The most significant cause of spider veins is sun damage. The reason fair-skinned individuals tend to develop spider veins in the face is simply that: the face is almost always uncovered and thus receives the most sun. Spider veins are more common among people with one or more of the following characteristics or traits:
  • Pregnancy
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Blood vessel-widening medications
  • Consumption of female hormone supplements

Tips on Prevention & Slowing the Damage

If you are currently dealing with spider veins, you can take steps to slow the damage. If you don’t have spider veins yet, these same tips may help you avoid developing the condition later on. First, moderate alcohol consumption. A drink or two here and there won’t likely lead to spider veins, but excessive consumption will often do so. Second, take steps to limit sun exposure. Wear a hat when in the sun and wear appropriate sunscreen.

Common Treatments for Redness Due to Spider Veins

There are nonsurgical treatments available for facial redness and spider veins. Laser therapy is often effective in sealing the blood vessels that have broken. It’s not a particularly painful procedure, and it’s effective on smaller blood vessels like those in the face. Sclerotherapy and excision surgery are two other standard treatment types. Excision surgery is an option on some larger blood vessels, but it’s pretty painful. On the other hand, sclerotherapy doesn’t cause much pain and doesn’t have a lengthy recovery period. However, it takes a while to administer.

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