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Treatments Available for Varicose Veins

October 22, 2018 • • Varicose Veins

There are a lot of people who have varicose vein issues, spider veins, and related types of vascular concerns. While not everyone seeks treatment for these problems, there are certainly a number of options available today for those who want to reduce or eliminate the unsightly look of these veins. One popular treatment today is ClosureFast, which is a non-sclerosant adhesive. It’s also non-thermal and non-tumescent. It causes less pain and discomfort than some other types of adhesives and chemical sealants that are used for vein treatments today, making it an easier and gentler procedure for patients.

How ClosureFast Helps With Vein Treatment

This is one of the treatments that’s becoming more popular with many doctors and patients today. The reason for that is the ease of use that’s offered with it and the lack of complications it produces for patients. There’s not even a need to wear compression stockings after the treatment is over, which is a benefit that you won’t get with other types of vein treatments. The lack of discomfort in the procedure is another reason for its growing popularity. In the past, there were options like vein stripping, which took time to heal up from and caused discomfort for patients. Laser vein treatment and related options are improved choices.

One of the most important issues for patients who choose to have vein treatments is how quickly they can get back to work and back to their normal daily lives and activities. With newer and more modern treatments, patients can much more easily start doing things again after a very short recovery period. They won’t have to spend days resting on the couch, miss a lot of work, or avoid their workouts and healthy habits just because they’ve had their veins treated. They can also have multiple veins or multiple areas treated at once, to improve the look and feel of their legs right away. If you’re interested in getting rid of varicose or spider veins, the newer treatments are often the right choice.

What to Ask Your Doctor About Vein Health

It’s very important to talk to your doctor about your vein health. Whether you have varicose or spider vein issues or you’re just curious about the vascular health options you may have or need in the future, a vascular surgeon can give you the knowledge you’re looking for. Laser vein treatment and adhesive sealants for vein closure are great new ways of making sure that your health stays as good as possible. The vascular system is a vital part of the body, and without its proper operation, a lot of organs and tissues can suffer serious consequences. Even though a lot of people don’t think about the health of their veins, doing so is important to overall, long-term health and wellness.

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