What Does Sclerotherapy Feel Like?

January 16, 2019 • • Vein Treatment

If you’re considering undergoing sclerotherapy treatment, as part of your commitment to vein health, you’ll be happy to know it is quick, effective and nearly painless. With this no-downtime procedure, you need not interrupt your busy life in order to eliminate your unsightly varicose veins and their symptoms.

Is Sclerotherapy Painful?

As you may have gathered, there’s no need to steel yourself for major discomfort, or to arrange for time off work, to get the vein care you need. When performed by a skilled and experienced vascular surgeon, most patients rate this minimally invasive procedure as about a 2 out of 10 on the pain threshold. That low level of sensation is similar to the level associated with another popular procedure, laser vein treatment. Most patients describe their feelings during, and immediately after, treatment as only “slight discomfort.”

What Happens During Treatment?

Sclerotherapy treatment is tried and true, performed and refined over decades to banish varicose veins and treat vein disease. This procedure will safely collapse the diseased vein, so that blood can flow freely through healthy veins nearby, restoring normal circulation and improving leg appearance. During the treatment, your vein doctor will carefully inject a chemical sclerosing agent (sclerosant) through a thin, small needle into the incompetent (malfunctioning) vein. The injected solution or foam, the simplest of which is a salt-water solution that may contain a local anesthetic, irritates the lining of the vein and clots blood within, essentially closing the vein. You will be asked to wear compression stockings or compression bandages) for up to two weeks, as the body gradually reabsorbs the collapsed vein material.

Is There Really No Downtime for Recovery?

Since this tried-and-true vein care procedure involves only a few needle sticks, as you can imagine, recovery is simple and almost immediate. You may experience some bruising, which will slowly clear as the body disposes of the treated (now collapsed) veins. This typically doesn’t count as downtime, since you won’t need to skip work, nor will you typically miss out on any activities after your procedure—although you may not want to wear shorts the next day. (Some people don’t even let the procedure affect their wardrobe, however.) The amount of bruising from Las Vegas vein treatment varies according to the individual and the extent of treatment required. The more veins we need to treat, the more likely you may experience some post-treatment bruising. Still, most patients feel it is a small price to pay for relief from annoying or painful vascular symptoms

Where to Get Vein Treatment in Las Vegas

Remember, the tendency to develop varicose and spider veins is typically life-long, so you may need touch-up treatments in the future. Our vein clinic is dedicated to maintaining your vein health for life. For the best in vein care and advanced treatment options, contact the Desert Vein Institute in Las Vegas online or call 702-726-9709 for an appointment today.

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