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Why Tanning, Tanning Beds & Spray Tanning are No Good for Spider Veins

September 10, 2020 • • Uncategorized

We all want that summery golden glow. But, varicose veins can cause embarrassing skin imperfections that are uncomfortable and irritating. It’s natural to want to hide those veins. During the colder fall and winter months, most of your clothing hides your spider veins. But, warmer months have led to clothing that displays just about everything. So, is there a quick fix? Could spray tanning or a natural tan hide varicose veins? Before you head into the sun, tanning beds or local spray booth, you should understand how these methods can impact the appearance and number of varicose veins.

How the Sun & Bed Tanning Makes Spider Veins Worse

Unfortunately, it’s true. The sun and tanning beds will worsen spider veins, especially around the face and chest. The heat can actually bring the veins to the surface and increase the discomfort you feel. We do not recommend either method as an effective way to eliminate spider veins.

What About Spray Tans to Cover Surfaced Veins?

If you are thinking about applying some self-tanner or going to get a spray tan, you may find yourself disappointed. While the fake tan is a popular method to alleviate varicose veins, it is not the best one. A spray tan won’t fully cover the veins. You will see long lists out there trying to offer remedies that combine self-tanning with other cosmetics and makeup in an attempt to hide the natural vein. While not working well, a fake tan doesn’t deal with the underlying issue causing the uncomfortable veins. You need a solution that deals with the discomfort and look at the same time. And you definitely need a solution that doesn’t require long prep periods just to leave the house. When you really take care of the varicose veins, there will be no need to cover up with clothing or makeup. Best of all, you will feel better about how you look and how you feel when those pesky veins are gone.

Sclerotherapy as a Spider Vein Treatment

The good news is there are options! We offer a number of treatment options for spider veins, but Sclerotherapy is probably the most popular. It is a minimally invasive procedure that requires injecting an irritant that collapses the vein so the body can reabsorb it. The relatively pain-free procedure is done outpatient and you will be fully recovered within two to four weeks. Some of our other treatments include:
  • Duplex Ultrasound
  • VenaSeal
  • ClosureFast
  • Laser vein Treatment
  • Phleboctomy
  • Transdermal Laser Treatment
Autumn is the perfect time to consider fixing those varicose veins. The treatment can cause bruising as the excess blog is reabsorbed into the system, but this can cause sensitivity and comfort which is best left alone and put where no one can see it. In the fall and wintertime, it is already natural to

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